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Unorganized Content is where content that has not been put together (usually it's facts about DaAngeRage's planet).

KleptoBrony: What are the districts?Edit

The White Region

The Purple Region

The Red Region

The Orange Region

The Yellow Region

The Green Region

The Blue Region

The Black Region

KleptoBrony: What is the capitol?Edit

The Black Region

If capitol refers to the city, then it would be The Spiral.

KleptoBrony: Is there a lot of crime?Edit


We have a huge military, cops, and many laws. I'm pretty sure everyone will be happy anywhere in SS!

KleptoBrony: How many co-leaders do you have?Edit

14. More details coming soon.

KleptoBrony: If I were to move to your universe, which district should I move to?Edit

I would reccomend The Black Region. Although it may seem crowded at times, it is bustling with activity and is the center of the planet.

KleptoBrony: Do you have a military?Edit


Army, Navy, Air Force...

It's pretty large. I bet it can destroy the World military, twice. And by the time the first one is done, we'd have enough units for another. Although, my universe does not encourage war, but peace.

KleptoBrony: What do the citizens do for fun?Edit

(in order of most popular)

Racing (NASCAR x Wipeout )

  • FXC46-FXC49, SX5, SSRL

Association Football

  • World Cup
  • Continental Cup
  • National Cup
  • MM Cup


  • Uses a combination of all Mario Party rules, sometimes excluding Mario Party 9. Rules change based on Cup.


  • Played mostly with real large-scale buildings that change with player actions (hotel built = hotel on real property)


KleptoBrony: How does your government work there?Edit

The Tight Judgement BranchEdit

Consisting of the Sub-Presidential Bodies (one of the highest class people), these people make sure anything right about the government and the universe is kept that way. It is also part of any court rulings to make sure cases are finished in a true manner. Basically the Legistative and the Judicial Branch from the US Goverment, but different.

The Loose Judgement BranchEdit

Nothing about the universe is changed without the Kings and Queens, the top five tiers of the entire universal government and heirarchy. Anything wrong about the universe that must be changed is only official by any person in the top five tiers.

KleptoBrony: What is your official universal motto?Edit

The First Peace Across The Dimensions

KleptoBrony: What is your official anthem?Edit

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity - Opening

I'll try to add lyrics later.

KleptoBrony: Is there a district best for learning?Edit

GM Honor-League University of SS Square

GM University of SS Square

GM Institute of SS Square

GM High-Class Learning Passage of SS Square

GM Middle-Class Learning Passage of SS Square

GM Low-Class Learning Passage of SS Square

KleptoBrony: What are the fields of education?Edit

More information: Educational Institutes