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The Trigonometric Elements consist of Delta, Alpha and Gamma. Their purpose is to preserve the balance of power across the universe. They are also the three elements that are used whenever a move is made, depending on how much of an element or elements are needed.

Distribution and InformationEdit

Alpha — Found everywhere, and considered to be pure energy. As pure energy, it can consist of electrical energy, thermal energy, etc. Its symbol is a square.

Gamma — Found in fictional planets and universes, such as Mobius, the Mushroom Kingdom, the Pokémon universe and Equestria, as well as CaerulElimo itself. In Equestria, Gamma allows for the use of techniques such as teleportation and psychokinesis. It can be found in a wide range of colors. Its symbol is a circle.

Delta — Found solely on CaerulElimo. The most recently discovered of the elements, it is also considered the most powerful. It also powers imagined figures to become reality. Its symbol is a triangle.