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The White Region is the first region of SS. It is the least noticed and contains the second-least amount of locations, besides The Blue Region. The White Region is currently dissolved and without a King or Queen to rebuild and lead it.

Known as the "Road Between the Floating Mountains", the White Region consisted of the Gateway and the many mountains alongside it, most noticeably Brass Mountain.

The entirety of Chapter 1 is spent in the White Region.

Areas 3 and 4 are never seen as a result of the explosion after the region's boss battle is defeated. (Machine Gun Drone)

This region starts to fall under control of the Phantom Flash at the beginning of the Purple Region chapter and is fully captured at the beginning of the Red Region chapter. At the start of the Orange Region chapter, the White Region has apparently been completely dissolved.

Locations (starting from The Dimensional Portal)Edit

The Dimensional Portal

The Gateway

Evergreen Circuit

Brass Mountain

Dirt Road

Iota Drop

The Crater

Generation 7 AreasEdit

Chapter 1 Area 1

Chapter 1 Area 2