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The Water Factory is a location which houses the entirety of Generation 6 Part 7 Section 4 of CaerulElimo, the planet.

The entirety of Section 4 takes place inside this complex factory.

The classic description is as follows.

Chat LogEdit

Ever heard of a difficulty spike? You might see those in this factory. This factory supplies all the fresh, clean water you could ever need from the planet of CaerulElimo. It is the entirety of Chapter 7-4 (unless you decide to take different paths).

The Water Factory has hallways of blue coloring, most likely a steel material. The hallways are complex and there are plenty of rooms as well; it's like a maze but at the same time it's not. Towards the end is The Blue Region Boss. Keys are involved to unlock a few of the doors in this maze, and of course water will be faced.

You'll see a gigantic open area that almost looks like an bathroom in real life. With the shower on. So the water simply pours down into a drain, but don't worry, nobody ever uses that shower. It's meant to collect any old water to send into that drain, where it can then be cleansed up and then the water goes to be packaged in either bottles or to refill oceans. Nifty!


This location features elements inspired by the Portal series.

This location does not feature any elements inspired by the Zelda series.