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The Rainbow Stoneship is an extremely hard-to-earn Item (only obtainable through exploits and hacks) and a transportation method only used towards the end of Generation 6's Part 8 Section 5 and in a specific instance in Generation 0. It does not appear anywhere else in the entire CaerulElimo series. The Rainbow Stoneship is decored with rainbow neon patterns quickly and constantly changing. The colors and neon engravings also seem to pulse to an unknown beat. The stone covering the ship itself is a perfect grey color. There are engravings of every single Realm which is the outline of the Stoneship. The symbol in the center is very different than how it appeared in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon storyline. In CaerulElimo; it is now instead the traditional and iconic outline of a square. However, this square is constantly blue unlike the other rainbow-colored engravings on the Stoneship. The Stoneship begins to move as soon as one person stands in the direct center of it and looks upwards towards the lights.

The Chapter entitled The Top Of The Spiral is considered by many one of the most surprising final sections (prior to the final boss battle) in the entire series. In this mission, players must avoid the onslaughts of variously themed traps which reflect the regions the players have already fought before. The traps are very hard to dodge and appear rapidly, from fire-breathing dispenser blocks to simple poison-thorned spike balls. The closer the Stoneship is to its destination, the faster it will increase in elevation until it reaches the end of the climb. The entire background of The Spiral changes into exotic yet simplistic rainbow colors as the ascension commences.

Part 8 Section 6 and the final boss battle begin as soon as The Rainbow Stoneship reaches the end of its ascension and reaches the final official location in the series, Master Control.
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