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Shadow Inferno
Shadow Inferno, Element Of Prevention
Physical Information
Age 15
Gender Male
Status Alive.
Eye Color Forest Green.
Hair Color Black, Midnight Blue, Navy Blue
Body Color Blood Red
Height Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Weapons none at the moment
Species Pegasus
Home (Mainly) Post Apocalyptic Future,

(Prime Universe) - Undisclosed Location.

Shadow Inferno (Or, in this case, Future Shadow Inferno) is a Pegasus who hails from an alternate future where things have gone terribly wrong.


Having had his life turned upside down to the point where memories can cause him to become blind with rage, Future Shadow Inferno looks to prevent the same thing from happening in the present. He had lost everything, including family and friends in this future, and he seeks to prevent that from happening in the prime universe. 


  • A cold pegasus, he rarely speaks to anyone, as he is a focused individual who is determined to make ends meet, even if it requires the loss of a few ponies.
  • Likes: Seeing bloodbaths involving any enemy he's battling, Being alone.
  • Dislikes: Disclosing things involving his past, anything having to do with the loss of friends.
  • He's also known to hold grudges against ponies that have treated him terribly.

Floor SystemEdit

  1. Default Moves Include: Confusion, Intimidation, Rage Move: Memories.
  2. Defense Mechanism
  3. Pulse Pistol
  4. Upgrade For Intimidation
  5. Ember Learned
  6. Barrier
  7. MAC-11 Acquired
  8. Upgrade for Ember
  9. Upgrade for Barrier. Ticking Bomb Learned
  10. Shadow Sneak Learned

  11. Calm Mind Learned
  12. D3-Generator Acquired
  13. Upgrade for Shadow Sneak
  14. Upgrade for Calm Mind
  15. Shadow Ball Learned
  16. Heal Pulse Learned.
  17. Laser Cannon Acquired
  18. Shadow Ball Upgraded
  19. Upgrade for Heal Pulse 
  20. Future Sight Learned
  21. Ability Upgrade Acquired
  22. S-20 Grenade Launcher Acquired
  23. Upgrade for Future Sight, Damage Absorption Learned
  24. Upgrade for D3-Generator
  25. Psychic Learned
  26. Defense Upgrades for Barrier and Calm Mind
  27. S-007 Flamethrower Acquired
  28. Upgrades for Psychic, Shadow Ball, And Shadow Streak
  29. S-347 Laser Cannon Acquired
  30. PsyStrike Learned. Upgraded to maximum Power.


  • Originally Shadow Inferno's Concept was a yellow skinned pony with glasses and pegasus wings, But, as time progressed his skin eventually became Blood Red with an eyepatch covering his right eye.
  • He also had a completely black colored mane and tail during that time of the yellow skinned era.
  • His cutie mark is a blood orange flame engulfed by a gray flame, hinting at pyrotechnics he's capable of


"Eliminated." -Said when destroying an enemy.

"Thought I was underestimated. You thought wrong." -Said when defeating an enemy that is above his level.

Galleria Of Concepts.Edit

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