Physical Information
Age 25
Gender Male
Status Alive
Eye Color #1E4D2B
Hair Color None
Body Color #003366
Height Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Weapons Unknown
Species Dragon pony
Home None

A former unicorn turned dragon pony.


Apollo was once a mage specializing in transformation magic until one day he accidentally ended up screwing up a spell. This lead to him being transformed into something between a pony and a dragon. Apollo was cast out from the town he lived in, being dubbed an abomination and freak of nature by its residents. He now spends his time in abandoned mines and untapped mountains, looking for a tasty gem to snack on.


Bitter and reclusive.

Floor SystemEdit

1. Starting moves: Glide, Hover, Fire Breath, Tail Smash.

2. Headbutt

3. Elementail

4. Bite

5. Dig

6. Fire Ball

7. Dragon Rage

8. Spike Shot

9. Fire Fang

10. Flight

11. Fire Wall

12. Flame Wings

13. Flame Charge

14. Horn Regeneration

15. Magic upgrade: Increased lift capability

16. Magic upgrade: Magic Beam

17. Magic upgrade: Basic Transformations

18. Magic upgrade: Advanced Transformations

19. Pony Form

20. Magic upgrade: Master Transformations

21. Dragon Form

22. Ash Breath (Requires Dragon Form)

23. Frost Breath (Requires Dragon Form)

24. Poison Breath (Requires Dragon Form)

25. Inferno (Requires Dragon Form)

26. Upgrade for Elementail

27. Upgrade for Ash Breath

28. Upgrade for Frost Breath

29. Upgrade for Poison Breath

30. Upgrade Fire Breath

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