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Fantasies stilledEdit

At the gates of CaerulElimo, a ragtag gang of unlikely heroes stands quietly. At their back is nothing but an idea—a plan. Before them stretches an innocent land in the grasp of corruption. A daunting, glorious adventure, but they cannot go forward. And they cannot go back...

Perhaps one day they will take their first steps. All hope is not lost. Until then, they wait. We wait.

No dream is dead until it's forgotten.


CaerulElimo Wiki is about everything related to CaerulElimo, a fictional planet and a role-play series created by DeltusOpus. It is continually updated and features real-life roleplaying on the exotic and adventure-filled planet across 32 chapters and 8 side-stories of the sixth Generation.

Disclaimer: This wiki is under construction! The role-play series begins when the wiki is built up enough and enough topics have been discussed in articles!

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